The Cottage Restaurant

A multiple award winning restaurant, The Cottage Restaurant nestles into a quiet scenic spot next to the river in Jamestown. In The Cottage Restaurant, Sham Hanifa has created something special. His heritage and story coupled with his love of all things Irish culminate in this cute and cosy riverside restaurant.
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Sham Hanifa

Meet Sham Hanifa, a native of Malaysia who is the passionate and charismatic head chef at The Cottage Restaurant. While Sham is very proud of his Malaysian roots, he feels a very strong connection to Ireland “I say to my kids, I might not have been born in Ireland but I grew up here and in just a few more years I will have spent half my lifetime here!”
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Chef Sham Sauces


From our restaurant kitchen to your kitchen at home! Chef Sham is deligthed to bring you a special range of sauces, we call Chef Sham’s Sauces! Using these fabulous sauces and our step by step recipes you can reproduce restaurant quality dishes to enjoy at home with family and friends.
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